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Best Flooring For The Elderly

When you’re seeking out the best flooring options for senior citizens the two main factors you should consider are ease of maintenance and safety. Depending on the stage of life and physical restrictions of the resident, one factor may be more or less important to you than the other. Here we’ll review various flooring options that are a good fit for the elderly.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Carpet

Tip #1: Different styles of carpet have different maintenance requirements. If you own pets or have young children, you might want to avoid shag carpet, as it is hard to clean. You may also want to avoid light colors that will quickly show dirt and stains. Read on for more tips when buying carpet!

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Boost Your Home Value With Flooring

Does the flooring in your home really impact your home’s value? The short answer is absolutely. In fact, according to one study 94% of real estate professionals will tell you to spend money on floors if you want to raise your home’s value. Some brokers report that spending $600 – $900 could bring in a return of $2,000. That being said there are a lot of smaller, less expensive, repairs you can do to bump your home value.

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