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A Word About Product Quality

All bamboo flooring is imported from China. As with a lot of goods from China you have to be keenly aware of the quality of the product. Much of what I’ve seen at home centers and liquidators on pallets is of questionable content and origin. Many startup companies are making it cheaper and faster with little concern for the health of the end user. So how do you know what to look for. My advice is, buy from a well known, stable company with a track record to stand on. We chose Teregren and Wellmade for those reasons. We get a consistent, reliable product with a real warranty. No funny odors or strange behaviors after installation.

Floors Unlimited Wellmade bamboo flooring Chesapeake Virginia

What About The Finish On The Product?

Strand woven bamboo is rock hard and very resistant to denting. That said, the urethane finish is really no better than any other wood floor. It will scratch and wear just the same. In fact, some of the bamboo products I’ve seen from home centers and liquidators have a very poor quality finish and they smell funny. (something you don’t notice until the job is complete) There is a BIG difference in the way flooring is finished. Some are terrible with smudging and footprints and miserable to maintain. Other cheap finishes scratch really easy. (scratching is not covered under warranties) I cannot and would not sell garbage like that. I like my customers and prefer they would return someday (in good health) for a future purchase. I am very pleased with Teregren and Wellmade for the quality of their finishes and highly recommend them. 

Phil’s Advice On What Type Of Bamboo To Buy

Strand bamboo is certainly the way to go. That’s the type where they shred it and re-glue it together under high pressure. It is rock hard, however that does present a problem for installation. The product is so hard the nails don’t want to go through it. Some have adopted the floating or click lock method to their products but they are sometimes erratic in behavior due to climate swings in South Hampton Roads. The best one I have found is made by “Wellmade”. They developed an engineered strand bamboo that is easy to nail or float. We have installed thousands of feet these past few years and I love it. It cost’s a little more for the engineered version but it is worth it for a trouble free installation.

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