“We want to express our heartfelt thank you . . . Right from the start we could see and feel the difference with you . . . You truly made us feel like we were working with lifelong friends. . . . It was wonderful to have such wonderful workers in our home. . . . They worked at getting everything finished just right! Something we’ve been telling others about.” – D. Apple

” . . . we are absolutely thrilled with the wood floors. The house looks more beautiful than we had ever imagined. We are so pleased! Special thanks to the wonderful installers who put everything back in place (even in the closets!).” – E. Giler

“We are nearing the end of our bathroom remodeling. We are so appreciative of your suggestions, experience and expertise, and the quality of the job from start to finish. Our glass was just installed in our new shower yesterday (by Mr. Go-Glass) and looks fantastic. To begin, your store’s reputation for quality does precede. Secondly, Tim Kirby truly has a gift at extracting from the buyer exactly what they are looking for and suggesting possibilities that fit. We quickly felt very confident in his experience and eye for what looks right and matches, etc. Lastly, besides being a master at his craft, your installer was clean, polite and courteous. Remolding a bathroom borders on insanity, but the most important part, the tile on the floor and shower, needed to be right in material, size, design and installation. Our job could not have been executed in a more processional manner. We certainly highly recommend Paul Morin’s for any job with no reservations and will be calling for our upstairs bathroom remodel hopefully in the near future.” – D. & L. Gooss