Resilient Flooring

The Safest Bathroom Flooring

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom. Along with price, appearance, water-resistance and ease of maintenance you should absolutely consider what the safest bathroom flooring option is. Having a non-slip surface is essential for creating a safe environment especially if there are older residents in the home.

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Resilient Flooring Installation Expertise with Tim McAdoo

Tim McAdoo addresses resilient flooring installation and how best to combat moisture issues including the use of VersaShield and VersaShield MBX. VersaShield. Tim also addresses the use of glue-down laminate floors. Bottom line, JJ Haines has solutions for your many installation issues.

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Best Flooring For The Elderly

When you’re seeking out the best flooring options for senior citizens the two main factors you should consider are ease of maintenance and safety. Depending on the stage of life and physical restrictions of the resident, one factor may be more or less important to you than the other. Here we’ll review various flooring options that are a good fit for the elderly.

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Concrete Flooring Ideas for Your Home

Home designs have taken a turn for the industrial with the emergence of stylish concrete flooring in many homes. We might imagine concrete flooring in a warehouse or garage, but it has also made an impression on modern homes that crave its sleek look and cool feel. Typically when concrete is featured in a home setting, it will be polished rather than rough and isn’t always the pale grey we imagine it to be.

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